• Journal of Ethnopharmacology and Medicinal Foods

    ISSN: 2455-4812

    Journal of Ethnopharmacology and Medicinal Foods (ISSN: 2455-4812) is an open access journal available online to all the global researchers. Our Journal frequency is four times per year (Quarterly).

    Asian Journal of Ethnopharmacology and Medicinal Foods stands as a channel of correspondence for researchers across the globe, nurturing the scientific study and phenomenon and its importance to the current logical idea and trending outline.

    • Journal Name: Asian Journal of Ethnopharmacology and Medicinal Foods
    • Journal Type: Open Access
    • Review Type: Single Blind Peer-review
    • Journal Frequency: Quarterly (4 issues a year)
    • Current Frequency: Volume 5, Issue 1 (March 2019)
    • Upcoming Frequency: Volume 5, Issue 2 (June 2019)
    • Journal Short Name: AJEPMF

    Asian Journal of Ethnopharmacology and Medicinal Foods distributes unique articles concerned about the perception and trial examination of the organic and biological activity of plant and animal substances utilized as a part of the ancient practice of medicine over a significant time span. The journal especially welcomes Interdisciplinary Papers, Original Research Article, Short Communications, Invited Reviews, Opinions & Perspectives and Book Reviews in the respective areas of

    • Ethnobotany,
    • Medicinal plants/Medicinal Herbs,
    • Ethnomycology,
    • Ethnozoology,
    • Ethnoecology (including Ethnopedology),
    • Ethnomethodology/Ethnoclimatology,
    • Ethnoastronomy,
    • Ethnopharmacy,
    • Ethnomedicine,
    • Medical Ethnomusicology,
    • Ethnoveterinary,
    • Traditional Medicines/Integrative Medicine,
    • Traditional Healthcare in households and domestic arenas,
    • Migrant Healthcare/Urban Ethnobiology,
    • Pluralistic Healthcare in developing countries,
    • Evidence-based community health,
    • Visual Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine,
    • Medical and Visual Anthropology,
    • Gender studies and Ethnobiology, as well as other related areas in Environmental, Nutritional,
    • Botanically-centered manuscripts must clearly indicate voucher specimens and herbaria.

    Time line

    Manuscripts submitted will be processed and published within 21-45 days’ maximum.